GA State African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

The Georgia State African-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GSAACC) is established to operate as a enterprise located in the State of Georgia and specifically headquartered in the city of Albany, Dougherty County (ALBANY).

The enclosed Mission Statement broadly interprets the overall vision of the Founders who thoughtfully included the elements of community development, economic development, tourism, business technical assistance, and includes cultural-heritage interests.

Our investigation reveals a dire need and an opportunity to direct efforts and assets toward a ground floor campaign including the vision of GSAACC and the state of GA

Specific programs and initiatives targeted and included in this program:

1)  Establishment and operation of a Visitor Information Center dedicated to attracting and serving local, regional, national, and international visitors to destinations in the State of GA.

2)   Provide a specialty marketing program led by a custom advertising and promotion segment of integrated strategies (print, digital, electronic) operated from our proposed facility in Albany.

3)    Establish and operate various event and related activities locally to attract and retain visitors and attendees on a sustained basis (festivals, concerts, meetings, gatherings)