GA State African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Friends is currently accepting membership/investors. Your investment of $1000  will gain you membership in the group, pay you a dividend of 5% annually and enroll you or your company into the roster of GSAACC, Inc. (GA State African American Chamber of Commerce). All participants will also benefit from dividends of profit from enterprise operations. Our goal is to raise $5,000,000. These funds will afford GSAACC, Inc the opportunity to launch its programs, pay salaries, purchase property as well as develop enterprise operation.   Our attorney will assist us in all legalities and close all membership agreement for a fee of 10% per transaction. The attorney for GSAACC, Inc, and Friends of GSAACC, LLC is Lerman Law@

Friends is honored to be one of the companies in GA that has been approved by the Secretary of the State of GA to be able to utilize GA's IGE legislation.

FINRA Registered Financial Planner is Trent Solomon, Solomon Investments, Macon GA 1-478-477-7643   FMI 229-344-9847 Business plan available upon request.

If your company is needing funding and you have a business plan, please consider allowing our company to assist you with your needs.  

Friends of GSAACC, LLC, in business since April 2017, is comprised of business people in the State of GA who came together to support the needs of the small disadvantaged businesses and the work of The GA State African American Chamber of Commerce. “Friends” is an opportunity to invest into one of the main reasons for the failures of small businesses, an investment that will stand in the gap when funds are needed for equipment purchases and operational expense. Friends is also an opportunity to support these small disadvantaged businesses with counselors, back office support, and networking opportunities through GSAACC, Inc. Friends will identify opportunities to utilize its resources to assist in all areas for the support of GSAACC's objectives to support small disadvantaged businesses throughout its marketing area being the State of GA.

Friends of GSAACC, Inc operates under the authority of GA's Crowdfunding Legislation ATLANTA – On July 11, 2017, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, as Georgia’s Commissioner of Securities, amended the state’s crowdfunding rule to allow more companies to utilize the Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE). The IGE is widely recognized as one of the most successful crowdfunding rules in the country, and over fifty entities currently utilize the exemption.

“The Invest Georgia Exemption provides entrepreneurs with increased access to capital from Georgia investors in order to develop new business ventures, grow existing operations, and create jobs in our state,” stated Secretary Kemp. “By expanding the exemption, we expect more businesses to take advantage of crowdfunding and develop roots in the Peach State.”

Late last year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finalized rules to further facilitate intrastate securities offerings through crowdfunding. Last week, Georgia’s Securities Division adopted final rules to reflect the SEC’s changes after extensive review and public feedback.

The SEC modernized Securities Act Rule 147, a safe harbor from registration for eligible intrastate securities offerings. Issuers do not have to register certain intrastate offerings with the SEC if they file a simple, two-page notice for the IGE with Georgia’s Securities Division.

The SEC also created Rule 147A, which expands the types of securities issuers allowed to solicit out-of-state residents so long as securities sales are limited to in-state residents. Previously, federal rules constrained IGE to domestic, for-profit Georgia entities, but the change now allows certain foreign, for-profit entities to solicit and sell offerings to in-state residents.

Put simply, more businesses will now be able to leverage the IGE, and issuers can now market such offerings using any form of mass media, including social media platforms.

In 2011, Secretary Kemp created the Invest Georgia Exemption and allows certain entities to raise up to $5 million a year from Georgia investors. Eligible businesses need only file a two-page notice filing with the Securities Division to use the crowdfunding exemption.

Real-estate technology companies, medical device companies, breweries, restaurants, and many other Georgia businesses have taken advantage of the Invest Georgia Exemption to raise millions of dollars in capital and create jobs.

Friends of GSAACC, LLC is currently seeking members. Your subscription membership will be counted towards your investment into our communities.

Use of Funds:

Tech Enterprise Development