Thank you for visiting our page and for your interest.  Though this is a temporary page, it tells you a little about Sun Digital Transact, LLC's  mission.  

The mission of Sun Digital Transact is to provide a strong and positive cash flow to its owners and investors through the development of high net worth business operations and real-estate properties. The company's product being cryptography is one of the worlds newest industries and the available low-cost land and abundance of sunlight in south GA allows for lean and efficient operations of this type DATA Center. The development of this type of operation in Albany, GA will assist in ushering in new technology-based industries into the community while assisting in establishing the US as a base for crypto mining operations.


The initial build-out of our unique DATA Center will act as a proving ground toward replication. The initial numbers are a great indication of the success potential.    

The company is seeking $8.5 million in investments to develop a solar-powered crypto mining operation in Albany, GA on 45 acres. Visit  for the investment opportunity.

Investing in our company represents an investment in Albany, GA. A predominantly African American community in Southwest GA where the poverty rate is almost 30%. Our company strives to be a positive example to the realities of what planning and business development can accomplish in underserved areas of the deep south.


(Artist's rendering of DATA Center)

Contact  Tom Swain 229-344-9847 

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GA State African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.